Your donations are vital to the ministry of Crossroads.  We charge our residents absolutely nothing for our primary care services (up to the first 6 months), and a below market rent rate in selected cases after their first 6 months.  We provide, food, clothing, personal products, shelter, transportation, Bibles, and materials for all classes for all our residents.  In addition, we on occasion help out with other needs on a case by case basis. 

We have various levels of monthly financial support; Help Those in Need, Heal the Broken, Hope for Peace and finally Kingdom Builders.

 $25 / month ($300 / Year)

$50 / month ($600 / Year)

 $100 / month ($1,200 / Year)

       Kingdom Builders - over $1,200 / Year

The Red Donate button at the top/right can be used to set up monthly credit/debit card or automated bank draft donations to Crossroads Ministries.

Or Click Crossroads Giving Form.pdf to Download our Giving Form.

Thank you for your Financial Support!

Our financial statements are reviewed annually by the Independent Accounting firm of Matthews Cutrer and Lindsay, P.A.

A copy of our 2017 Form 990 can be found here.